Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby Doll Fun with Nana's Carters Preemie Clothes Finds.

Kasja's and Mahala's babies and animals have new clothing.

More Bitty Baby Clothing Options--Walmart preemie clothing

Bitty Twins ready for Christmas....  $15.88 for both.

The price of doll clothes can start at nearly $10.00 for a very flimsy doll outfit. Walmart preemie clothes even at full price are a much better value for your money. The Walmart preemie sleepers not only fit the Bitty Baby by American Girls, but many other medium size baby dolls and stuffed animals. I regularly watch for the Preemie sleepers and clothing pieces on the clearance rack at Walmart. On Mac's wish list for presents for the Early Childhood classroom was clothing for the 14-15 inch baby dolls. I know what I will be buying... sleepers for the dollys and animals.

Right now with winter Walmart has the fleece sleepers and there are many, many prints, colors and styles in preemie sizes. I had a hard time picking some out for the classroom.

Christmas Dolls need Christmas outfits. The sleepers are $7.94 and the three piece onesie pants sets $9.44.

The Bitty Twins will have matching sleepers for $15.88. Which is a huge savings when looking at the outfits for the dolls on line.

I love this little pink 3 piece set including the angel top, onesie and the ruffled knit pants.  ($9.44)
The polka dot bear preemie sleeper caught my attention as well. ($7.94).

Preemie disposable diapers can be found at Walmart as well. We rationed diapers and eventually made our own reusable cloth diapers.  But for Holiday giving and fun a pack is a nice addition to the baby doll layette.

Walmart has preemie Child of Mine made by Carters for $7.24 as well. Boy versions.

Walmart Child of Mine Preemie Onesies $7.24

Child of Mine Matching newborn knit hats coordinate with the onesies and the sleepers. ($5.97)

At season end, I watch the clearance racks and have been known to pick up sleepers for as little as a $1.00 but most the time they clearance out at $3.00. The girl sleepers rarely make it to clearance at Walmart but the boy ones can be found for less.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Quality Alternatives To High Prices for Bitty Baby by the American Girl Doll Company--Carters Black Friday Haul

Mackie's Bitty Baby needs clothes. The American Girl Doll Clothes are not very well made and will not stand up to toddler wear and tear with repeated washings. Plus the boy choices are very limited.

I have been buying Carter's Preemie Clothing on end of the season clearance for Kasja and Mahala's Bitty Babies. Quite often I can find the outfits (sleepers and multiple piece sets for $3.99 to $5.99 less a Carter coupon). Watch Carter's clearance racks for preemie clothes which last and last.

Carter's Preemie Wear is a perfect solution for durable Doll and Stuffed Animal Clothing.

Doll clothes are not just for girls, but using Preemie outfits boys can have their own alternatives as well.

Mackie's baby is styling and the preemie clothes are fitting really well. Baby is dressed and ready for the day. 

For Black Friday Carters sale was amazing and I had $40.00 worth of Carters rewards that needed using along with a 20% off coupon. Instead of waiting for clearance, I bought Mister Mackies baby a new wardrobe which is all color coordinated with all the matching pieces.

Two pack of gowns (preemie)  and a 3 pack of matching hats (0-3 month size)

Total for 8 sets and pieces $149.00  Paid $53.47 for all this.  A Bitty Baby set can cost from $24.00 to $32.00. 

I love the little Preemie Carters Hoodie and onesie and the knit pants with the elephant on the butt! (originally $26.00 but at full price, a far superior quality deal than a Bitty Baby Outfit.  There are girls versions of the Preemie Lines as well.

Another set and they all mix and match which will create dozens of outfits.  Check out the Carter Preemie lines and clearance racks as a great way to not only find outfits for the American Girl Bitty Baby but also many 14, 15, 16 inch baby dolls and stuffed animals. 

With shopping the coordinating preemie girl and boy lines the Bitty Twins will be well outfitted and with the high prices at American Girl for the sets, you can get many coordinated pieces for the same money and it will last.

The slogan they stay little long enough until their Carter's wears out. The doll clothes will last and will be able to be passed on when they outgrow playing with them.

The end of the season clearance racks is the perfect time to not just plan ahead for the kids for next seaons clothes, but also for Christmas and Birthday presents for their dolls and animals.