Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Bitty Baby Clothing Options--Walmart preemie clothing

Bitty Twins ready for Christmas....  $15.88 for both.

The price of doll clothes can start at nearly $10.00 for a very flimsy doll outfit. Walmart preemie clothes even at full price are a much better value for your money. The Walmart preemie sleepers not only fit the Bitty Baby by American Girls, but many other medium size baby dolls and stuffed animals. I regularly watch for the Preemie sleepers and clothing pieces on the clearance rack at Walmart. On Mac's wish list for presents for the Early Childhood classroom was clothing for the 14-15 inch baby dolls. I know what I will be buying... sleepers for the dollys and animals.

Right now with winter Walmart has the fleece sleepers and there are many, many prints, colors and styles in preemie sizes. I had a hard time picking some out for the classroom.

Christmas Dolls need Christmas outfits. The sleepers are $7.94 and the three piece onesie pants sets $9.44.

The Bitty Twins will have matching sleepers for $15.88. Which is a huge savings when looking at the outfits for the dolls on line.

I love this little pink 3 piece set including the angel top, onesie and the ruffled knit pants.  ($9.44)
The polka dot bear preemie sleeper caught my attention as well. ($7.94).

Preemie disposable diapers can be found at Walmart as well. We rationed diapers and eventually made our own reusable cloth diapers.  But for Holiday giving and fun a pack is a nice addition to the baby doll layette.

Walmart has preemie Child of Mine made by Carters for $7.24 as well. Boy versions.

Walmart Child of Mine Preemie Onesies $7.24

Child of Mine Matching newborn knit hats coordinate with the onesies and the sleepers. ($5.97)

At season end, I watch the clearance racks and have been known to pick up sleepers for as little as a $1.00 but most the time they clearance out at $3.00. The girl sleepers rarely make it to clearance at Walmart but the boy ones can be found for less.


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